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17th June 2015 3:28 pm

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Since 1994, Bloodshot Records has championed the music that lurks between genres. We've always been drawn to the good stuff nestled in the dark, nebulous cracks where punk, country, soul, pop, bluegrass, blues and rock mix and mingle and mutate. We like artists who work over American roots forms with chains and velvet gloves with little regard for formality or protocol, who aren't afraid to molest and caress these forms and take music into uncharted and exciting waters. They don't listen to the taste-makers or trend-watchers—hell, most of the time they don't even listen to us.

What we all share is a punk/DIY ethic of expression; we all appreciate that music is only innovative and interesting when you're willing to take chances with it, to follow your instincts. By not bothering with stylistic straitjackets, we haven't made it too easy for anyone to get a solid grasp on what we do or what to call it—sometimes we don't even know, but that's what makes running this asylum so much fun. It's never boring.

What do we call it? We call it music, buddy boy.

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