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Having been born into a very musical family, Jeremy Cays was drawn to the piano as a toddler and began formal lessons at the age of 5. While learning scales, exercises, and classical music, Jeremy was also developing his ear for music, often mimicking melodies he would hear in movies, on TV, or even at church. Soon he began creating his own versions of popular songs and his own compositions as well. By the time he was 13, Jeremy had a collection of original music that he wanted to record professionally and sell commercially. This eventually became his debut album, "A New Journey", recorded at Triad Studios in Seattle, and released in 1998 at the age of 17.

Jeremy attended Edmonds Community College to take additional music theory and digital music courses. The plan was to move on to a 4-year school and major in composition, but Jeremy opted instead to start a recording studio in his hometown of Sequim, WA. While working at Hurricane Coffee Co., Jeremy purchased enough equipment to start a small home studio where he recorded his second and third albums, "Reflections of Christmas" and "In the Quiet Moments". In 2005, Jeremy's studio went public and was located inside Paul M Creech Pianos. In 2008, the studio moved to its current location in Carlsborg and recently saw a major upgrade in equipment, software, and virtual instruments.

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