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17th June 2015 2:33 pm

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I have over 20 years of experience in the art of producing, and I know how to take your songs and give them all of the polish, punch, & "MAGIC" that they need to compete with what's on the radio. Please visit the testimonials page to see how happy all of my clients have been with the level of attention and dedication they've received here.

Remember, what makes a recording studio special is the person running it. A million dollars worth of equipment can't help you if your engineer doesn't actually know how to use it. I have real world experience in making music for the major labels & radio, as well as thousands of independent artists, and I can make you sound as good as, or even better than anything out there. Anybody with a computer can hit a "record" button, but it takes a special expertise, sensitivity, and awareness - gleaned from a life devoted to music - to help craft something truly extraordinary. I know how to make an artist feel right at home while at the same time inspiring them to be exceptional. One of the most frequent & gratifying compliments that I get from the people who record at my studio is that I far out perform other recording studios in NYC that charged them 2 or 3 times my price.

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